Sunday, June 24, 2012


Working, Going to School, Being a mom, and everything else that I have going on it is really important to me to go and socialize. Don't get me wrong my son is very cool he is my new bff lol and I love hanging out with him all day, but I think it is healthy for a young adult to be just that, Young! I have alot of different friends sometimes I hang with several at a time and sometimes one on one Seen above it goes as follows picture 1 is me and some friends leaving 300 Atlanta, a great Cosmic bowling Alley here in Atlanta. Picture 2 We are leaving Central Station a fun club on Atlanta south side. Picture 3 I was at my friend house for a small get together. Picture 4 we were leaving the movie theater on our infamous $5.00 movie night.

Stay Fabulous and Stay Social XO Chante' XO

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