Friday, June 22, 2012


Hello World! This is my very first post in my brand new blog, and to say the least I am Very Excited. There are so many Wonderful blogs that I have recently begun to follow and their blogs are Amazing to say the least. After following their blogs for about a year I have been inspired to do one of my very own, and share with the world some of what I have to offer. I am a fuller figured DOLL but my style does not dictate or limit what I can and can not wear according to Fashion Laws lol. As far as I am concerned my size is just a number in a piece of clothing be a size 0 or 20 my style is still Sick. I have always been trendsetter now I am trying my hand at hair and make up and creating edgy new trends. So follow me as I share style secrets, places I shop, hair, nail and make up tutorials, hauls, product reviews and much much more.
                   Thank you for reading Follow me and subscribe, lets all connect and be friends
Thank you for riding with me on this journey, Ok here we go :)

                                                                XO Chante' XO

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