Saturday, June 30, 2012


Ok so I went to Do this new musical pizza restaurant in down town Atlanta on to help celebrate my Bestie birthday. We went there for my birthday in March as well but I had no objections to going back because I love Music and Pizza lol. It was nice everybody vibed and it was drama free just like I like it. This Place is high tech you order off of Ipads and all of the decorations are digital. The only semi bad thing that occured was her brother got into a chat off with another patron of the restaurant. What I mean is that you can chat with other people in the restaurant while you are there, well he and someone on the roof top had an exchange of a few heated words it was funny but nothing too serious. Oh yea and then there was me I accessed the internet and my gmail account through there Ipad and I could not log out for nothing in this world lol the manager had to log me out then he came and inconspicuously reprimanded me yikes. But all in all it was a good night I had  fun.


  1. Love the looks ladies :)

  2. so pretty ladies = }