Thursday, April 25, 2013


Hi Dolls and Dudes,

My current celeb. style that I am digging is  22 year old British singer/ song writer Rita Ora. I would describe her style as edgy and trendy with a mix of rocker chic. I do enjoy some of her music like r.i.p but check out some pictures of her below:

I am a text book style kind of girl so I really like and admire fashion that is not so text book. If you follow my blog you will notice me come out of my matchy matchy text book style to me taking more risks and experimenting with mixing colors and patterns.

Who's style are you feeling?


Good Friend Brooklyn, her boo me and my son
Sis Brittani, big Sis Chantel and Nephew Jaycen

Some of my birthday crew

Candid Shot

Look at these expressions

More birthday guests

God son Tay and god baby mama Elise

Two married couples love is beautiful

Hey Mel Mel

Conrad, Shea, Jessica, Damel

Nneka, Conrad and Shea

My Cousins D and her baby Camden

Birthday Girl

Having Fun Now


Me and friend Shanika

Me, Shanika and Nino

Me Good friend Taia and My Ninos

Me Taia N Nino

Me And my BMF/ baby god dad Conrad an Nino

I was ready lol

Me Nneka and Nino

Ok Ladies strike a pose

Chante', Shanika, Taia and Nneka

Chase was still in the oven

Shots! shots! shots!

Me and my good friend Shea

Me and Shea Hey Nino

Me and my friend Jessica

Jess getting her pose on

Shea, Jessica, Chante

We all went to high school together

My friend Damel, me and Nino

Me and My Good friend Damel

Shea and NINOS

My Dude

Brooklyn Chante and Boo

still smiling

Brittani and Me

Me and Dannee she is my Hair stylist too

Had to take a call

Me and my son

My Girls

Yshun, me nino and Tam

yshun, my mommy, me and Tam

Yshun Chante and Tam

D, Tay, and Tam

Yshun, Tay, and Chris

My favorite cake in the world made by mom

Blowing out the candles
So as you may remember, My birthday was March 8, 2013 and I turned 26. OMG I can not believe I just said I am 26! This year I opted to keep it cool. I didn't want to do a house party again and more than anything I want to do something that my son could attend as well as something I could blend my many different type and age group friends together. So a Birthday dinner it was! I had my dinner at Bahama Breeze. I had went a few times prior to my dinner and loved it. Well on my birthday I was REALLY, REALLY, disappointed with them. They really dropped the ball. They couldn't get our seating together. I had 29 guest show up and not enough seats for everybody. Can you say a HAUTE MESS??? Once they finally did get enough tables for us all they only had to seat 26 people because 3 of my guest decided to leave O_o.......

For the 26 guest that did stay THANK YOU all so much for sticking it out I know it was really crazy but it was my birthday and my dinner it was all about me and you all showed that you were really for me by staying and rocking with me through the turmoil. THANK YOU because once we were finally seated we really had a nice time.