Friday, November 9, 2012


Ok so I must confess these pictures are like FIVE years old but I have really been considering getting this Hair cut again. Do you all remember when Keisha Cole first came out? Ok so I like copied her two tone hair styles dying my own natural hair. Lets just say it was a Epic Fail! It was so pretty for about six weeks then the part that I dyed Blonde started shedding really badly so I had to chop it all off. Well not all of it just to this length but my hair was really long so this is the shortest I ever cut my real hair. At first I hated it because it was too short for my liking, but after the compliments started rolling in I started liking it and it started growing on me. I have this really critical guy friend who started calling it the Dora the Explorer hair cut hints the name of the post, then pretty much everybody started calling me dora. It was short but sassy and best of all it was easy to maintain also even though my hair was relaxed it looked really really shiny and healthy.

XO Chante' XO

What do you think of my hair cut?
Have you ever had to cut your hair due to a dye job gone bad?


  1. OMGGGGGG yes I had a really bad color experience and had to cut nearly all of my hair off and start over again but I've been growing it out for three years now and it's past mid back length, full, and healthy again. I keep it in protective styles to keep it growing.

  2. Yes protective styles are my best friend lol I will look on your blog to see what types of products you use

  3. I like it! I know it's easy to take care of. My mama has the shorter version.

  4. Thanks Kt and wow I couldn't go any shorter I thought I was going to die when I looked in the mirror once she was done lol