Thursday, January 31, 2013


Hello Dolls and Dudes,

So today I have decided to jump on the bandwagon and commence my Healthy Hair Journey. In the hair world the lingo would my HHJ. Since about September of 2012 I have been doing some light research on hair, how to make it more healthy etc. I have found out about many different products, techniques, regimens, I think I know enough to begin my own HHJ.


Well, I am going to be honest, the only thing I really know about my hair is what I have been learning over the last few months. I do not know how to maintain my hair or style it. I usually like to go to the salon but I want to try to learn how to do it myself I think it would save a lot of money for me. I haven't had a relaxer since about October of last year. I know that was only like four months ago but, I am having a really hard time managing my new growth. This is why I a choosing to go on a Healthy Relaxed Hair Journey (HRHJ)
Maybe one day I will try to go natural.....I don't know maybe... I believe with proper care Relaxed hair can too grow long and healthy.

NATURAL: To rock your hair in it's natural unprocessed state. 

RELAXED: Chemically processed hair, a chemical is used to loosen up curls or coils into a straight texture

TEXLAXED: Chemically processed hair, the same chemical used to relax your hair is used to texlax your hair. The only difference is that you DO NOT leave the relaxing chemical on as long causing the hair to not be as straight. This loosens the coils some but leaves texture in the root still hence the name texlaxed.


I have decided to eat right, lose weight, exercise and just get myself all the way right starting this year on. Part of my new self make over from the inside out should include my hair, hey why not. That way once I get to my desired weight and size and health I will be bad from head to toe. Also I find myself snacking when I am bored, I love all things beauty so if I focus spare time on maybe polishing my nails or doing make up or tending to my hair then I will not have time to randomly snack. Last but not least my hair is in the worst shape of its life right now and I need to do something about it. My hair has been long most of my life long as I had someone else doing it. I want to see if I can nurse my hair back to life myself, get it healthy and make it grow myself.


I had no idea there were so many different types of hair textures let alone charts and stuff below are some of the pictures that helped me to determine the hair type that I have. 

By the way I have determined I have 4a and 4b textures on my head. 4c is the newest type of hair recently added to the charts it is the most kinky curly hair on the chart. I have a feeling the charts will be changing because, there are plenty of people like me out there with mixed textures on their heads....we'll see

Now that I am starting my hair journey I will be doing lots of posts about my hair and updates and regimens. All things I have found useful to me and my HRHJ.
I know I am going to go through a lot of trial and error trying to find what products work best for my hair type. Keep in mind different hair types require different products sometimes, and what may work great for my hair may not work that great for you.

Have you started a hair journey? Are you nautral or Relaxed? Or Texlaxed?

Thursday, January 24, 2013


This week I was determined to figure out a way to rock a bang with a high bun. I think I succeeded. So my male best friend is super picky about everything. So as soon as he saw me he said hey "Pebbles" lol this is coming from the same guy who started the Dora. So I call this weeks hairstyle the Pebbles Flintstone with a twist. This is also a great protective style.

Ever Rock your Hair like a cartoon character? If  so who?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Alright Ladies I am on the fence about this new trend of midi rings. I think it is really complimenting if you have mannish hands not that I do but, it kind of adds a feminine touch and, it is really cool and trendy too. I will post pictures later of mine,but I bought some and wore them out grocery shopping with my son. I left the house with six came home with one. If I try this trend again it will have to be when I am going out for drinks or something that will not require my hands to do too much.


Monday, January 21, 2013


Santee Nail polish is in the color Modern Purple $0.99 at my local beauty supply store

Funky Fingers polish in the color confetti $1.66 it was 3 for $5.00 at Five Below stores


I just want to take this moment to really remember Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and all that he has done for me. If it was not for him and all of his efforts we would not have a Black president today. Even though we have come a long way, we still have a ways to go. However I am forever thankful, proud and will pay homage. Also in this day I would like to congratulate President Barack Obama.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Hi Dolls and Dudes,

So lately I have been really wanting a gold Michael Kors Watch. I have had my eyes on two. Specifically but here are a few more that I like as well.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Hi Dolls and Dudes,

Denim is so hot right now. I have always been a denim fanatic so I am loving the fact that I am having a easy time finding all the denim that I want right now and then some. Below are some pictures of some Dope Denim styles that I like.

A Denim Body suit I love this

Ms Keri Baby

I would so rock this

This reminds me of a barbie sweat shirt I had when I was young

Denim Minis I need it in my life

These can spice up any outfit

The staple denim vest in every closet
Ombre denim heels

I was reading a style magazine and the stylist was like denim is in this year. This year? No denim is always in in my book. One of my main go to outfits is a pair of fitted skinnies a nice blouse and heels.

How do you rock your denim???


Hi Dolls and Dudes,

One thing about me is when it comes to details, I am the ultimate girly girl. I love pink, glitter, sequence, feathers, rhinestones and BOWS. I love Bows they can be dainty and pretty yet flirty and fun.

Yes this is Bow Wow I still love him lol


Bored with your Box Braids?
Are you getting tired of your Box Braids, Miami Braids, or Booty Braids? Well don't take them out just yet. Try styling them in different ways. I got box braids as a protective hair style. Braids also helps my hair grow inches. If you take your braids out at the first sign of new growth then you will not get much length out of it, find different ways to rock them while your hair grows out. You can wear a scarf, hats, twist them up etc. Just find a way to make them unique and just have fun with them.