Saturday, June 23, 2012


     "I appeal to you because I am Different.
Not the Freaky Weird type of Different but the 
     Interesting, Beautiful kind of Different.
This is because I am a Fashion Chameleon, My
    Style Changes more than Gas Prices!
I am a Verbal Seductress. My Words are a Aphrodisiac.
    My Confidence doesn't Border Cockiness, It
Surpasses it. I Redefine my Damn self, and Recognize My
    Own Damn Flaws! This is Why those Around Me Must
Walk on Egg Shells! I am Passionate About My Interest and Studies.
    And I Do Not take Criticism Lightly, I Hate It!
I Also Hate Love Because it Hurts! (Who Am I Kidding I Love Love)
   Those Who I do Love, I Love Them Hard and Well!
So Far I've Loved Twice, and Had My Heart Broken Once!
   I Myself Have Broken More Hearts than Fabio. And No
I am not Bragging, I am not Proud of it I'm Just Saying!
   I Have One Son Right Now and He is All I Need!
I am Going To Be A Millionaire So I Need to Stay Focused!
   My Mom Is Precious to Me and She Tries to Buy Me the World!
My Sister is the Best, and My Best Friend is Fab. My Lover is 
   Unparallel, But Perfect For Me at the Same Damn Time.
My Son is Amazing I Am So Lucky To Be His Mom.
   I Have No Regrets About My Past, Because At One Point Or
Another It was something that I Wanted to Do!
   My Philosophy About Life Is To Live Laugh and Love
Enjoy Living, Make Money and Spend It While You are Here
   Lets face it lol You Can't Take it with You."

                                                                     XO Chante' XO

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