Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Hi Dolls and Dudes,

Denim is so hot right now. I have always been a denim fanatic so I am loving the fact that I am having a easy time finding all the denim that I want right now and then some. Below are some pictures of some Dope Denim styles that I like.

A Denim Body suit I love this

Ms Keri Baby

I would so rock this

This reminds me of a barbie sweat shirt I had when I was young

Denim Minis I need it in my life

These can spice up any outfit

The staple denim vest in every closet
Ombre denim heels

I was reading a style magazine and the stylist was like denim is in this year. This year? No denim is always in in my book. One of my main go to outfits is a pair of fitted skinnies a nice blouse and heels.

How do you rock your denim???


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