Saturday, January 12, 2013


Hello Dolls and Dudes,

So yup you guessed it I have jumped on this healthy hair bandwagon or HHJ that is what they call it in the hair world. I have been doing light research since about September. I have been debating or whether or not I want to embark on this HHJ natural or do it but continue to relax my hair. I think I am going to do it relaxed. I have been finding many many woman with long healthy relaxed hair during my research. This research have broken two myths.

Myth 1. Black women can not grow long hair
             - BUSTED we can too!

Myth 2. Relaxed hair is too unhealthy to grow
                                            - WRONG relaxed hair is more delicate due to the chemicals but with TLC it too can grow!

I am no hair stylist nor am I any good with doing my own hair. So what I think I am going to do is start this hair journey continuing my relaxers and once I get a great regimen. I may attempt to finish it natural.... I don't know maybe lol. All I know is when I was pregnant 2011, I went natural for a year and saw tremendous growth. All I wore was sew ins and I washed my hair in between the sew ins. I did not deep condition, or take special care of my hair at all and it grew. Since 2011 my hair has broken off a lot. I do not have a length yet in mind my first objective it to obtain healthy hair. I think I can repair what I have left and try to nurse it back to health before I even think about a BIG CHOP. The diagram below ( Copied from great hair blog by the way) Shows the milestone lengths and the hair world lingo.

Now I washed and deep conditioned my hair yesterday. I am currently between neck length NL and shoulder Length SL. Sorry I forgot to take pictures of the steps I took but the next time I wash my hair (next Friday) I will take pictures. After I clip my split ends I will more than likely be NL again. That is okay with me because it is pointless to hold on to thin, split ends. So far it is feeling good I used extra virgin olive oil EVOO and extra virgin coconut oil EVCO on my hair to seal in the moisture and my hair is amazingly soft.

First thing first I had to figure out what type of hair I had. My conclusion I have 4A(front) 4B(back) and 4C(middle/crown of my head) Yep that is right I have all three textures on my head.

Did y'all know it was not until recently that they added 4c to the charts it stopped at 4b? Ain't that bout a b****?

So far I have learned that sealing in moisture and deep conditioning, clipping ends and routine is key.
Some people find that co washing works while others still shampoo. It is all about what works for YOUR hair.
I still need to research seamless combs, essential oils, carrier oils etc.

I still have a lot of research to do but this it what makes this a journey. As I learn through trial and error I will update my progress and let you know what worked and what did not. I have to figure out what works for my hair, because what may work for someone else may not work for me. I am working out, eating more healthy, taking vitamins and drinking more water. I thought to myself why not start taking better care of my hair too.

So far I really like coconut oil on my hair. It is so good I will do a coconut oil post on its own.

I have heard that if mineral oil, or petroleum oil, or alcohol is in the ingredients that is a bad thing.

I know that Buns and other protective styles will play a key role on my journey.

Have you started, or are you on a healthy hair journey?

Are you Natural or Relaxed and Why?

xo Chante' xo

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