Thursday, December 13, 2012


Hi Dolls and Dudes,

If you are from Atlanta, then you already know that Coca cola is a very important part of Georgia history.
We hold the secret formula right here in the city. Nobody else have that. I am a die hard coca cola drinker. So working here as well as visiting here is always fun fun fun.

Nehemiahs first time at the world of coke

my mom getting around the world coke history

The kissy puppy

The vault where the secret formula is stored

Coke use to cost a nickle a can

In the vintage poster room

Me and nino holding the olympic torch

Everyone favorite polar bear
Sample coke and coke products from USA & world wide

If you live in Atlanta I am sure you have been here a few times lol and if you do no live here and you come and visit this is a place you should visit it is not like a boring museum full of coke facts. There is some history though. There is four D theater, taste over 60 different cokes from around the world, just visit the World of Coca cola lol trust me you will have fun and it is affordable. My mother is a die hard pepsi drinker and she had a good time here!


  1. Looks like fun! I want to take a road trip to California (from Miami, FL) and make stops along the way. This looks like a fun place to go! Thanks for sharing hun!


  2. I been in ATL for almost 3 years but have never been. Something I need to see!

  3. @ KimberlyLuxe it was so much fun girly! If you pass through Vegas you can go to that one there are only two in the world Atlanta and Vegas. A Road trip sounds great be safe and enjoy

  4. @ Curvie Birdie yes darling go see it, hey maybe we can put together a bloggers meet and there it could be alot of fun it is on the same ground as the Aquarium and centennial park is across the street