Saturday, November 10, 2012


I know I am a little late but I still wanted to post this to congratulate President Barack Obama on his second term in the White House. I debated on posting this because politics are so controversial. I didn't want to offend anybody but it is what it is. I did vote and lets just say I am ecstatic with the outcome. I did not do too much since it was a Tuesday but, Here is what I did do.

In my Car after I voted

I like my sticker lol

The church around the corner from my house where I attend and voted at

I went to Buffalo Wild Wings with my good friend after I voted

The Strawberry daiquiri I drank ummm mmmm lol

My Good friend Bitsy and my son At BWW

After dinner we had cake at the election party

Election Decorations, I was excited

  I wish I could have taken a picture of me voting but they were enforcing the no cell phone in the voting area. So my baby and I didn't get to take pictures in the church. That is ok though I still did my vote and happy with the election outcome.

How did you celebrate Election Day?

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