Saturday, November 10, 2012


So after work my coworkers (the few I actually like jk) sometimes go to a lounge in downtown Atlanta to wind down after work. We recap on the work week then, have a few drinks, eat a little food and vibe out to the music.

 Now I know a lot of people who do not think it is not a good idea, or just do not hang out with coworkers.
I do not have a problem with it, I just keep the conversation general, never telling nothing about my personal life. I am all about having fun so. So for the most part if is fun then I am down lol.

Do you hang out with coworkers? Why or why not?

XO Chante' XO


  1. I don't...I prefer for them to know that I don't consider them friends or anything of the sort after I have done my time for the company. I don't add them on facebook and they all think I'm mean especially after they asked if I was inviting any of them to my wedding and I said no. U look cute!

  2. No, i learned my lesson. Read my past blogs and you'll see why. I have kept in contact with my old team mates since we no longer have work as the common interest. My lifestyle is different than most. Im a full time dad too.

  3. Ha I miss those happy hour days after work :) x

  4. @ Styles4curves: Thanks hunnie, and wow if I worked with you for years I would feel some kind of way if you did not add me on fb or invite me to your wedding lol but that is a great way to keep boundaries I understand why you do it.

    @ Kt: I am going to check out your past post I want to know what happened. Being a stay at home dad is cool. Normally we go to a lounge near work talk about general stuff and go. I have a different lifestyle than most of them too but I do not talk about my personal life with them. Thank you so much for the comment Kt

    @ Lucia Lolita: Yes girl happy hour is fun and much needed after a long week. I just like to have fun. Thanks for stopping by.